Special Wire Ropes

Special Wire Ropes

High-performance steel wire ropes made by TEUFELBERGER belong to the very best worldwide. To make it easier for our customers to choose the right steel rope for their specific purpose, we have now divided our existing product portfolio into three separate product classes: EVOLUTION, PERFECTION, and EXECUTION.

These product classes differ in their technical features, achieve different performance levels, and are therefore marketed in different price segments. TEUFELBERGER‘s new product classification makes it easier for you to find the right steel wire rope for your specific purpose. Yet, no matter which rope you choose, you will always get a high-quality high-performance TEUFELBERGER product which, as usual, offers you great value for money.

Products of the various product classes are characterized by the following features:


The ropes of our premium class are global market leaders in their respective product categories. Constituting an ideal combination of highest breaking forces, exceptionally long service lives in the roughest conditions, and top-level performance for the respective types of use, they achieve a substantial improvement of the total cost of ownership (TCO) – in spite of the required higher initial investment. Intensive in-house and external testing, both on our testing facility for crane ropes and also in cooperation with our partners (leading crane manufacturers), form the basis for continued development and improvement in this product class. EVOLUTION ropes made by TEUFELBERGER are your product of choice if highest performance is what you are looking for.


High-performance steel wire ropes of this product class also feature extremely high breaking forces that are usually higher than those of comparable competitor products. In addition, service life and performance were improved considerably. In view of the somewhat lower cost of investment as compared to our EVOLUTION class ropes, what you get is excellent value for money and high operational reliability in rough environments.


Products of this category are special steel wire ropes as well, offering a significantly better performance and higher breaking forces than conventional standard ropes. Generally, these ropes are compacted, have an optimized structure, and constitute an excellent choice if what you are looking for is a marked improvement in performance as compared to standard ropes. The lower cost of investment provides an ideal springboard for your entry into the world of "special steel wire ropes“.