Welcome to Van For Az LD 13

Due to circumstances of the Arizona LD 13 race, I have decided to become a write in candidate. I believe strongly that this is an important election at all levels. Please forgive, as there was not enough time to redo a website specifically for LD13. However, since my beliefs have not changes in the last 10 days, we felt that the use of the site would not offend anyone. We look forward to your support and help in taking our country back.

Americans must unite in these guiding principles: Our strength lies in the ideals of our founding fathers, and if followed, will continue to make us the strongest and freest nation in history. Our tenets include respecting the U.S. Constitution, both in letter and in fact, as well as personal responsibility and accountability, peace and prosperity through strength, and federal and state government powers limited to only those that are laid out in the constitution, which they’re able to manage better than the citizenry or the private sector at large. Clonazepam is an important tool in relieving many of the symptoms of panic and anxiety and getting people back to their lives. Methylphenidate. Doctors who prescribe this medication typically wean their patients off of the medication slowly to prevent problems with withdrawal. website. Ambien is a medication which has very powerful sedative properties and is used to treat problems with insomnia. It may also cause bad effects on your stomach or intestines, and can lead to side effects like chest pain, shortness of breath, slurred speech or balance problems. celebrex.html. Cases of shock or even comma are well documented owing to unauthorized drug use or abuse. website. Klonopin or Clanazepam as it is also known is an anticonvulsant medication which is used in the treatment of panic attacks by affecting the nerves in the brain and producing a calming effect. As with all medications, .

Americans believe in both less and smaller government, fiscal responsibility and lower taxes. This type of government will be better able to protect the American people To learn more, visit the mission statement.