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Ideal Wire Rope

Ideal Wire Rope is a unique company with a complete focus on Special Wire Rope service and sales.

We are a small team of wire rope professionals with a combined 80 years of experience in the wire rope industry.

Ideal Wire Rope is the Master Dealer for Teufelberger special wire ropes for construction and industrial applications for the USA.

Our Team, inventory and equipment allows us to provide a complete service to the Client. Our approach is straight forward and realistic.

At present our inventory is tailored to fit leading European Crane Manufactures products where Teufelberger Wire Ropes are approved for OEM use.

Owing to our inventory being so specific to certain crane manufactures products and requirements, Ideal Wire Rope offers an optimum solution for clients wishing to realize their specific cranes ultimate performance. It is our aim to provide the appropriate spare rope with the best possible delivery time and at the most economical price. In this way Clients will get the absolute correct rope for their crane.

Our Team's ideal of quality without compromise is reinforced further by keeping in our stock the optimal amount of inventory on hand, ready for immediate shipment.

We are available for on site technical presentation, training, inspection and consultation . Naturally this service is free of charge for Clients and is part of our Teams value added approach.