Tower Cranes

Ropes for
Indoor Cranes and
Gantry Cranes

Safety and reliability are vital characteristics for steel wire ropes used in industrial installations such as indoor or gantry cranes. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Unexpected failures of an installation may shut down entire production lines and end up being quite costly. Additional standby facilities are rarely, if ever, available. Ropes need to have large service life reserves lasting beyond the next scheduled inspection. We are experts when it comes to meeting these criteria.


  • Reliability
    Being a manufacturer with centuries of experience, we have specific expertise regarding our customers‘ needs. Therefore, we are able to develop ropes guaranteeing the best possible service life.
  • Utmost operational safety
    Extremely high breaking forces, achieved in particular through SUPERFILL® compaction technology, ensure utmost safety for your application.
  • Bending cycle
    Our steel wire ropes specifically developed for your needs offer excellent bending-cycle characteristics.
  • Shock resistance
    Thanks to its radial-elastic rope structure, our 8-strand EVOLUTION Q8 in particular effectively absorbs dynamic forces and, as a result, achieves top-level operational performance.
  • Total cost of ownership
    The combination of these factors significantly increases the life span of your rope, shortens periods of standstill, and reduces maintenance costs. At the bottom line, what you get is a clear reduction of total costs.
* Langs lay ropes may be used with multi-layer winding (on the drum) only, or they must be subjected to periodical, non-destructive checks.