Tower Cranes

Ropes for
Scraper Installations and
Pontoon Cranes

For a top-level performance, various applications of relevance to civil engineering such as drilling, trench-cutting, grabbing, or pile-driving require rope types tailored to the specific purpose. Especially in the field of civil engineering, TEUFELBERGER brings long-standing experience obtained by cooperating with leading equipment manufacturers and prestigious end customers.


  • Utmost operational safety
    Certain ropes for cable dredgers come with a plastic insert. This insert helps ensure a greater resistance to shock-like loads frequently encountered in gravel mining.
  • Optimized value for money
    An ideal cost/benefit ratio can only be achieved with top quality steel wire ropes. TEUFELBERGER‘s quality products will definitely help you optimize your total costs and boost performance at the same time.
  • Utmost safety
    Our ropes provide extremely high breaking forces, as necessary. They ensure the best possible safety for your application.
  • Expertise
    Cooperating closely with leading manufacturers and users, we are familiar with the special requirements for cable dredgers. Therefore, we are in a position to attune our products perfectly to your needs.
* Langs lay ropes may be used with multi-layer winding (on the drum) only, or they must be subjected to periodical, non-destructive checks.