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Safety and reliability are vital characteristics for ropes used in building construction. The trend toward utilizing equipment at the limits of its capacity leads to unexpected downtimes caused by rope problems and, as a consequence, generates extra costs. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, TEUFELBERGER ropes stand the test around the globe on tower cranes of industry-leading manufacturers.


  • Utmost safety
    Even with enormous lifting heights, there is virtually no rotation of the hook block on our non-rotating hoisting ropes. The high breaking forces are achieved thanks to CAD-optimized rope design, parallel lay of the inner rope, and SUPERFILL® compaction.
  • Long service life
    The computer-optimized rope geometry and the ideal distribution of the load between the inner and the outer rope layers ensure the outstanding durability of our ropes. Grease inside the rope provides for optimum lubrication. Many of these ropes come with a PLASTFILL™ insert.
  • Good value for money
    Their high minimum breaking force allows crane designers to use thinner ropes and smaller rope sheaves and drums.
  • Excellent winding performance
    on rope drums thanks to the ropes‘ high form stability against lateral pressure.
  • Handling
    Our ropes are flexible. This makes them easy to handle.
* Langs lay ropes may be used with multi-layer winding (on the drum) only, or they must be subjected to periodical, non-destructive checks.