Truck-Mounted and Crawler Cranes

Ropes for Truck-Mounted
and Crawler cranes

The capacity of mobile cranes continues to increase. In this context, the focus clearly is on greater flexibility, the handling of even heavier loads, and on boosting performance. TEUFELBERGER makes high-performance hoisting ropes featuring highest breaking forces and perfectly suited for multi-layer winding.


  • Utmost safety
    Extremely high breaking forces, especially due to SUPERFILL® compaction technology, guarantee utmost safety for your application.
  • Optimum winding performance
    thanks to excellent form stability against lateral pressure.
  • No rotation
    Our non-rotating TK ropes ensure safety at work even for great lifting heights.
  • Longer service life
    Grease inside the rope ensures permanent lubrication and extend the lifetime.
  • Expertise
    Our long-standing experience in the crane industry allows us to tailor our products to your specific needs.
* Langs lay ropes may be used with multi-layer winding (on the drum) only, or they must be subjected to periodical, non-destructive checks.