Execution 612 W Execution 612 W

612 W

Its special computer-optimized design gives the special 612 W rope its low-twist and low-tension character.


  • Greater safety thanks to high breaking forces
  • Easy to handle due to low-twist and low-tension stranding
  • Above-average life span thanks to flexible structure and
    lubricated steel insert

Technical Data

Nominal Ø Weight Minimum breaking force at rope grade
mm (inch) kg/m lbs kN lbs
6.00 0.16 0.35 29.0 6,520
7.00 0.20 0.44 36.0 8,094
8.00 0.27 0.59 48.0 10,791
9.00 0.33 0.73 59.0 13,264
10.00 0.42 0.93 75.0 16,862


Our rope recommendations are non-binding empirical values. Please be sure to take the special characteristics of your installation into account. Do not hesitate to contact us. We will help you find the best possible rope solution for your needs.

Langs lay ropes may be used with multi-layer winding (on the drum) only, or they must be subjected to periodical checks by an expert.

Other diameters are available on request.