The Issues

Economy & Jobs

We must revise our tax system to not punish those who achieve success and reward those who don’t at the expense of all of us. We must also put the Federal and hopefully all State Government on a Zero based budget rather than the Baseline Budget System now being used which just increases the budget automatically each and every year rather than going back .... read more


It’s time for us to have a real Energy Plan for the United States of America. There’s more money made by big oil from importing and not drilling than if we’d allow drilling and encourage small businesses to do the work that big oil doesn’t seem to want to do. Former President Jimmy Carter who set up the Energy Dept. to free us from Foreign Oil Dependency, ... read more

National Debt

No legislation may be passed that is proven not to be in line with the Enumerated Powers Act requiring Congress to prove it’s in line with the Constitution or it can’t be passed or even brought to the floor for a vote, must be killed in committee ... read more

Health Care

Our healthcare system, abolish Obama care. As proven by the form of Healthcare in Europe and especially Canada where many of the residents there come here for care as they can’t afford to wait while their condition worsens, we don’t need this type of Healthcare in America ... read more